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Proud to be different....

At Learning Hotspots we deliver affordable, pay as you go, small group and 1:1 Hotspot sessions for children of all abilities.

All of our sessions are led by fully qualified, experienced, local teachers who are able to tailor each learning experience in order to meet the needs of your child. 

Whether they require a confidence boost, are struggling with a particular subject or wish to further extend their existing knowledge; we can deliver high quality sessions that really make a difference, in a way that creates smiles, laughter and joy.
About Learning Hotspots
Wellbeing Hotpost

Learning for the fun of it!

At Learning Hotspots, your child’s happiness and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do and we believe that achievement can be measured in more ways than one. We value the whole child, and aim to develop children’s emotional, social, creative, and cognitive abilities through our range of exciting one hour Hotspot sessions.

Each session is linked to a particular subject area, is fully aligned to the national curriculum and is wrapped around with nurturing, mood enhancing activities. One of our experienced teachers will lead the group learning, accompanied by a skilled assistant. With our carefully planned and well-resourced sessions, children will receive personalised, focused care in a space where they feel safe and valued.

Our Classroom

Sessions are held in our newly formed classrooms, which have been designed to create a vibrant, fresh learning environment that has a feeling of fun, colour and purpose.
Learning Hotspots Classroom

Advantages of small group tuition

  • We provide a collaborative environment where children of all ages can enjoy working together
  • Learning together and from each other can be an effective way of developing confidence and competencies
  • It provides the opportunity to interact with peers, share ideas and learn in an engaging environment
  • It offers a variety of learning opportunities such as group, paired and individual work
  • It develops independence by being able to offer close, individual attention from the teacher combined with short periods of time where children are able complete work independently 
Advantages Of Small Group Tuition

Meet the Team

.Nick and Claire Peace or Mr and Mrs Peace, as their existing pupil’s know them, have over 25 years combined teaching experience across all primary year groups; and as parents and step-parent to three young children of their own, they understand the complex demands and increasing pressures of modern life on children, parents and schools.

With Mr Peace acquiring expertise in leading maths across two schools, assistant headship, Year 6 SATS, teaching mentor, training in positive behaviour management, well-being officer and a running a wide range of sporting activities across the borough; and with Mrs Peace specialising in her roles as safeguarding lead, special educational needs and disabilities coordinator (SENCO), designated teacher for looked after children (LAC), along with the most up-to-date training in supporting social and emotional development in therapeutic services such a mindfulness and understanding anxiety in children and young people; Claire and Nick are excited to offer a wholesome learning experience where they take learning back to basics, without the overuse of screen time or stressful and data driven assessments.

Instead the couple strive to build strong connections with your child and create positive relationships, so that they are able to thrive and be the best that they can be: building self-esteem, character and resilience.

Since opening in January 2020, the couple now work alongside a small team of self-employed local teachers with a the same vision, and each bring their own areas of expertise and sparkle to each of these unique sessions.
About Learning Hotspots
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