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Maths Spot

Ages: 3-12 years old
Duration: 30 minutes or 1 hour
Days / Times: See booking pages
Prices: 1:1 £12.50 for 30 mins / Small group from £10
Working with numbers is what we will do 
We'll go at your pace and do what's right for you 
Fractions and measures, calculating the height
With determination until we get it right

Fluency & reasoning is the name of the game
More than one way to get there, it's not always the same
We'll stick together until we get it done
Whoever thought maths work could be so much fun!
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Maths Spot Personal Tuition 2
Maths Spot Personal Tuition 1

Our Maths Spots will:

  • cover areas of the national curriculum including number, measurement, geometry and statistics
  • consolidate existing knowledge, teach new skills and extend children’s learning
  • encourage and support children in becoming more confident and successful mathematicians
  • developing fluency, arithmetic skills, problem solving and reasoning
  • use a range of teaching styles in line with popular frameworks used within primary schools across the UK

How To Book

If you have any questions please get in touch or you can book a session online with the form below.
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