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Little Literacy Spot

Ages: 3-4 years old
Duration: 30 minutes or 1 hour
Days / Times: See booking pages
Prices: 1:1 £12.50 for 30 mins / Small group from £10
The Phonics Spot gets you ready for school
Let's listen to the teacher and follow each rule
There are so many new things you will want to know
Let's give you a head start, get you into the flow

What is a letter? A symbol? A sound?
What will it feel like as you look around?
You're ready to learn and excited to play
School's nearly here now! Hip hip horary!
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Spelling And Grammer Spot

Our Little Literacy Spots will:

  • put your child's wellbeing first through our unique * Believe * Become Breathe * structure

  • help your child prepare for school life

  • follow national curriculum guidelines from the early years foundation stage and early learning goals

  • focus on key areas of literacy including phonics, reading and writing

  • dedicate time each session to personal, social and emotional development through play based activities

  • develop skills that bring benefits for children’s self-control, self-confidence and resilience

  • work to improve concentration and memory through a range of fast moving, engaging activities


How To Book

If you have any questions please get in touch or you can book a session online with the form below.
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