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Reading Spot

Year groups: Reception - Year 6
Duration: 1 hour
Days / Times: Available on request
Price: £15 per session (pay as you go)
Discount: £12.50 for multiple bookings made on the same day (pay as you go)
The Reading Comp Spot will bring reading to life
We'll guide you through with no struggle nor strife
Retrieval & inference, we'll develop them all
With laughter & jokes so that we have a ball 

Summarising, predicting, gives us reasons to talk
Searching for answers, we'll have eyes like a hawk
We'll look up the meaning of words we don't know
Reading for meaning will help us to grow 
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Reading Tuition
Reading Spot

Our Reading Spots will:

  • cover areas of the national curriculum including spoken language, word reading (including phonics) and comprehension
  • use modelled and paired reading to improve fluency and understanding
  • develop children's ability to answer a range of comprehension questions such as vocabulary, inference, retrieval, predication and summarising
  • encourage a love of reading for both pleasure and information
  • use the art of speaking and listening to ask and answer questions that require different levels of thinking 


How To Book

If you have any questions please get in touch or you can book a session online with the form below.
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