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Reading Spot

Year groups: Reception - Year 6
Duration: 1 hour
Location: Currently available online
The Reading Comp Spot will bring reading to life
We'll guide you through with no struggle nor strife
Retrieval & inference, we'll develop them all
With laughter & jokes so that we have a ball 

Summarising, predicting, gives us reasons to talk
Searching for answers, we'll have eyes like a hawk
We'll look up the meaning of words we don't know
Reading for meaning will help us to grow 
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Reading Tuition
Reading Spot

Our Reading Spots will:

  • cover areas of the national curriculum including spoken language, word reading (including phonics) and comprehension
  • use modelled and paired reading to improve fluency and understanding
  • develop children's ability to answer a range of comprehension questions such as vocabulary, inference, retrieval, predication and summarising
  • encourage a love of reading for both pleasure and information
  • use the art of speaking and listening to ask and answer questions that require different levels of thinking¬†


How To Book

If you have any questions or would like to reserve a spot please get in touch.
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