Believe. Become. Breathe.

Helping children to believe in themselves & become the best they can be.

Wellbeing and Happiness

A holistic tuition experience for children aged 3-11yrs old. In association with Relax Kids: putting children’s wellbeing and happiness at the heart of all we do.


Believing in ourselves
We spend the first part of all our sessions carrying out our carefully planned wellbeing warm-up activities that enable children to feel happy, comfortable and confident. 


Become the best that we can be
Whatever the subject. Whatever ability. We provide children with a range of opportunities that teaches, consolidates and deepens understanding of subjects in-line with the national curriculum.


and breathe
At the end of each of our sessions we teach and deliver a variety of relaxation techniques to help children to reflect and train their minds and bodies to calm and self-sooth.

Our Sessions

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